I  highly recommend Alex as a composer & sound designer

Alexander established himself as a professional who can solve different tasks of sound and music creation in the best way. His duties were creating voice-overs, sound design, making music, mixing, and mastering audio material for videos. 

Creative ideas and vision of Alexander were an important part of the project we worked on. The work always corresponded to the TOR and was carried out on time. I  highly recommend Alex as a composer and sound designer



Oles Stepanov, lead sound designer in Snap Inc.

Eager to do the best job he can

I am a filmmaker and have worked in Hollywood behind the scenes for the past 11 years. Relating to my own experience as a sound mixer in the past, I found working with Alexander was effortless. He has a keen ear for what’s needed. He is dependable, extremely talented, and eager to do the best job he can. I told him what I was looking for, and he would give me exactly that, and more.

Anyone lucky enough to work with him is in great hands! 



Director, Desire film

Alex adds his unique touch to each melody

Alex’s talent as a composer and a keen sense of working with different music genres is very impressive. He is very easy to communicate with, and exceptionally intuitive in the way that he derives different music scores.

Alex adds his unique touch to each melody he creates that goes ahead of the scene helping to create the right mood for the right moment.


Aelita Archbold

Director, Sam's Firecracker film

His music enhanced the entire film

Alexander is a brilliant composer.

Every note, every melody, every rhythm was on point to what I was looking for. His music was what enhanced the entire film, and everyone who saw the film was captivated by his work.

I highly recommend him!


Xiomara Bernard

Director, Night film

Alex translated my vision into a perfect soundtrack

It can be challenging to translate what you have in your head to another creative person, but Alex was able to translate my vision into a perfect soundtrack.

Alex and I quickly came to a working arrangement, where I would send him scenes with temp tracks and notes, and just every time, he was really close on the first try. 


Jeffrey Scott

Director, Quiet Please film

When he starts something, he finishes it

I had difficulty conveying what I wanted to hear in technical terms. Fortunately for me, Alexander is a patient, a dedicated composer, and when he starts something, he finishes it.

Thanks also to his creativity, we were able to come up with a score that hinted at the
silliness, weirdness, and dangers of the film’s space.


Sydney Ribot

Director, Bazaar Protocol film

Alex did a great job

I wanted to create music in a genre that doesn’t really exist, to portray another reality, and Alex did a great job combining various influences to come up with something unique.

Alex is a talented composer and musician and dedicated to his craft. He is hard-working and communicative and I’d be happy to recommend him to future employers.



Producer, Angelic film